3G or 4G?

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New type of the Internet

If you watched the last season of Silicon Valley, chances are you are just as pumped about the possibility of a new type of internet. Especially now when It would…
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The Upside to Social Media Privacy

Monitoring of social media sites isn't restricted to prospective workers. On Facebook, there's one approach to guarantee protection against applications sharing private information. Simply speaking, don't have any privacy. It…
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The Truth About Future Internet

The future of the web isn't any 1 thing, it's many. So future of online marketing will be effected mostly by social networking networking. Finally, the prospect of ranking organically…
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Can we live without Technology?

Information Technology - Overview Nowadays, the medical sector has the capability to raise and expand all due to the development in IT and medical technology. Additionally, the IT sector was…
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What’s the difference between 3G and 4G

Before referring to these differences that, undoubtedly, will be very useful when choosing your mobile and internet plans, we must formulate a short, but necessary, clarification. The EDGE or EGPRS…
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How will technology change our lives in 20 years?

Some analysts of the future or "futurologists" believe that the software will change most of the social, industrial, commercial and other activities that, in turn, will impact on the daily…
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