What’s the difference between 3G and 4G

Before referring to these differences that, undoubtedly, will be very useful when choosing your mobile and internet plans, we must formulate a short, but necessary, clarification. The EDGE or EGPRS service is the acronym that identifies the “Enhanced Data Rates for GSM of Evolution” which means data rates for the evolution of GSM.

Then, EDGE technology acts as a kind of “bridge” between 2G and 3G networks, while it can work on any network with GPRS but, yes, it has been updated by the activation of optional software. If you can’t connect, you can do this network (GPRS), to navigate with much greater speed.


To be clear, explicit and specific, let’s say that when your mobile phone connects to this network, it is because it has no access to 3G or 4G. But, anyway, the connection will always be much faster than the GPRS. Let’s see, now, what the 3G is, which, to be fair, was (and is currently) a great leap to bridge the gap.

This mobile network, which was once thought to be useful only for speaking, now helps to recut the information gap. Making only a little history, let’s note that this technology was implemented at the beginning of the last decade, that is, at the beginning of the millennium.

The 4G technology: a fabulous advance that implies quality with a lot of speed


Then, 3G technology had (and still has) the goal of facilitating multimedia file transfer, plus permanent wireless connectivity and a speed up to 7 times faster than the standard telephone connection.

4G or LTE technology, in turn, is synonymous with quality and speed, so it is considered to be the fastest that has been developed and implemented to date, although we are talking about the 5G technology. But, the latter could be the subject of a later publication. It merits it because it is practically a reality.

However, the 4G is still not a tangible reality globally, while not all SIM cards, not all terminals (mobile phones, tablets, and computers) are compatible with this great technology. While in some countries it is perfectly implemented and established, in many other nations it is no more than a technology that “is in adolescence.” In general terms, we must say that the 4G technology is of higher quality and has a lot more speed than 3G technology.